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Month: July, 2012

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Gia Marie and her hairy pussy

Gia Marie and her hairy pussy

Gia Marie, 47, looks a lot like a shy, reserved, MILF-next-door, and in many ways, she is. But, as you can see, she didn’t hesitate to show off her C-cup naturals with dark areolae and sharp nipples, and she’s very proud of her ass. Gia Marie is not only sexy, she has a sense of humor, too. We asked her what would be her dream car and she said, “A blinged-out Ford Pinto.” A Ford Pinto? They haven’t made those in over 30 years. Are there even Pintos on the classic-car market? “Just kidding,” she said, smiling. “It’s a Mercedes convertible.” And the funniest pickup line she’s ever heard? “Well, this toothless guy tried to flirt with me. I couldn’t understand a word he was saying.” Gia Marie’s wildest sexual encounter has a touch of humor to it, too. “I was in the backseat of my car with a guy, and we were in a park, and we weren’t really keeping track of time. We got locked inside the park!” Gia Marie told us she keeps her pussy unshaved because “I’ve found most men like when a sexy sexy granny woman keeps her pussy hair. I’ve never shaved my pussy and I don’t intend to, unless my soul mate turns out to be a guy who likes shaved pussy. But I don’t think my soul mate would like shaved pussy.” Gia Marie said she gets a kick out of it when a guy who’s with her for the first time goes down on her and starts playing around with her pussy hair. “It’s like they’re on some kind of an exploration, looking for something,” she said. “When they get to my pussy, they’re fascinated. I like to show off my legs,” Gia Marie said. “I wear shorts very well. Guys always say I have a nice ass. I try to wear high heels that complement my figure and are easy to walk in, too. I like to wear clothing that shows off my curves. I like the attention, and it’s also a good way to attract men.” But Gia Marie is not an easy lay. “It takes a while to get me into bed. I’m the kind of woman who wants to fall in love with a guy, or at least have strong feelings for him, before he’ll get me into bed. But I’m worth the wait!”

Gia Marie and her hairy pussy

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