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Month: August, 2018

Now This Is What I’m Talking About!

Yes! This is more like it!

I used to be bothered about what people might think about me being turned on by perv’ing out on this Mom/Son and Mom/Daughter porn because really it is so taboo. Apparently however this majority of people share this arousal with me and if it’s the majority then that means that is what’s normal… aaaand that means that the average person is a sick fuck šŸ˜€

This genre is exceptionally popular, I never quite realised that until I started searching for a decent one I could become a member of. The tube channels run out of content very quickly and I thought it might actually be worth paying for decent content. Turns out I was right.

After having a quick look at what was available on the site without membership it looked decent enough to me and it certainly didn’t hurt that I couldĀ save a bundle with a Perv Mom discountĀ for up to 68% off so I scooped up a monthly membership. Had I known it would be this good I would have grabbed the yearly members package right away.

By the way I also enjoyed this “top 10 GILFs in porn” list in case it tickles your fancy.