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Month: July, 2019

Horny Older Ladies

As women age they not only mature physically but mentally and emotionally. They no longer have time for silly games or wasting a bunch of time. They’ve been around the block and know what they want. Most of them are at a point in their lives where they just want to do what’s best for them and leave all the rest behind. After working successful careers and raising families, they’re ready for their time to shine. Right now you can save 78% with a MILF Thing discount and watch as they finally cut loose and do as they wish.

These ladies have impressive sex drives and are fully confident in their bodies and sexual skills. Experience has taught them what works and what feels good, so there’s no fumbling around. Members will have more than 55+ videos that run the gamut when it comes to sexual acts. Anal, gaping, cum swallowing, facials, double penetration, ATM, and deep throating are all on the menu here. You’ll also be happy to know that membership grants you full access to 10 sites for the price of 1.

Toss It Like You’re a Monkey

Even though I, like just about everyone else (if not literally everyone else) have my own fetishes and off-vanilla fantasies, getting tossed off by a woman using her feet isn’t one of those. Not only does it not do anything for me sexually but it’s even closer to the opposite end of the scale in that I think it’s quite retarded.

Nothing about it makes sense to me. It is already such a challenge for a woman to give a better handjob than I am able to myself considering that not only do I know the exact instant I want it harder, faster, slower or whatever and she just can’t know that, but also, I have been doing it for many many years and she doesn’t even have a penis.

Sort of rant over though because this site actually has nothing to do with footjobs, it just happens to play out in this scene. As the name suggests, if you excuse the porn guys trying to be clever with the spelling, this site is bout MILFs and there are a whole lot of really hot ones.

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