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She was a very kind old lady

My best friend and I met each other in the block of flats both our families resided at. We were actually in the same class at school but we were never close friends until we moved into the same building where they had already been living and we became best friends.

There was a lady that always used to give us treats. We were very young still, not even teenagers yet and getting cookies and ice cream and such made her our favourite person in the building.

We grew up and became teenagers and she never stopped spoiling us and one day, when we were about 16 years old, she invited us for dessert and while we were eating whatever pudding she had dished up for us she disappeared into her bedroom for a minute or three and came back out wearing only lingerie.

She wasn’t the most attractive of women but we were super horny as teens are and curious to say the least. It’s a secret we keep between us to this very day.

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