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Kleptomaniac MILFs get Punished

In this fantasy mall cops exploit the fact that MILFs are more often than not quite horny as they no longer get their fill of sex at home for whatever boring reason or they are divorced and their social circles are diminished.

Add to that the days that they think their bodies are sacred and that sex is a sensitive issue is long gone.

And then lastly that they are in a bunch of trouble after being caught for shoplifting and would pretty much rather do anything else than have cops called on them and these guys know an easy fuck is on the cards with a little bit of persuasion.

Oh the MILFs doth protest though as any lady should to protect her virtues… as if a lady steals shit at the mall.

It’s all fake of course, I mean i really shouldn’t need to state that but the fantasy is what it’s all about and that is pretty cool actually.

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