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Why do so Many Local Cougars seem to have Issues?

As you probably already know, in America there’s a huge trend right now of young guys trying to bang older women with a lot of energy. These are called cougars. These women look decades younger than their actual age. You might think that this is the perfect combination between youthful sexual energy of the guys and the demand of these older women.

The problem is the things that seem to look good on paper don’t really pan out all that well in reality. In fact, a lot of guys who are out there looking for local cougars on sites like soon realize to their dismay that a lot of these local cougars actually seem to have issues. If you really think about it hard enough and if you’re completely honest with yourself, a lot of these local issues really boil down to the unrealistic expectations of many guys.

A lot of guys think that just because they’re younger that these older women are going to be thankful that they are interested in them. This sense of entitlement is really what complicates things. It clouds the issue and it really gives a lot of these women a very distorted sense of what it’s like to be a local cougar.

If you want to dispense with all these unnecessary drama, you need to look for local cougars the right way. In other words, you need to treat them like you would college-age women or younger women. That’s how the game is played. You need to give them the proper amount of respect and decide. Don’t expect it’s going to be some sort of slam dunk just because they’re older than you.