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More MILFs and GILFs Than You Can Handle

As you can see some of the grannies featured on this site are more MILF than GILF which is the case when you look at Jenny Mason, the woman getting fucked in this pic. I tried to find her age in the popular pornstar registers and in the 2 most comprehensive and most popular ones her date of birth is not mentioned. That only happens in cases when they are in fact pretty damn old as ages in the 40’s are very common.

She sure wears her age very well indeed.

If you are a fan of the granny stuff though then don’t fret because there are plenty of granny looking GILFs too and there isn’t just the one site. It’s not just the site mentioned on this pic, there are a total of 16 sites all bundled together to which you will get complete membership with a MILF Bundle discount for up to 34% in savings.

It is way more than any amount of MILFs and GILFs you could possibly handle even if you were to browse it all day every day.

Kleptomaniac MILFs get Punished

In this fantasy mall cops exploit the fact that MILFs are more often than not quite horny as they no longer get their fill of sex at home for whatever boring reason or they are divorced and their social circles are diminished.

Add to that the days that they think their bodies are sacred and that sex is a sensitive issue is long gone.

And then lastly that they are in a bunch of trouble after being caught for shoplifting and would pretty much rather do anything else than have cops called on them and these guys know an easy fuck is on the cards with a little bit of persuasion.

Oh the MILFs doth protest though as any lady should to protect her virtues… as if a lady steals shit at the mall.

It’s all fake of course, I mean i really shouldn’t need to state that but the fantasy is what it’s all about and that is pretty cool actually.

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The Perks of Paperboys These Days

Let’s face it, paperboys don’t have any perks, not from their employers and never had, not even when I was a kid with a paper route. But then again, nothing’s changed as far as this fantasy is concerned and neither have the odds of it happening: It’s still extremely slim to nothing but the point is, it has happened and that has made it any teenage boy  delivering anything’s fantasy.

long gone are the days of “I’ve heard from someone who’s heard of someone’s friend…” urban legends and bullshit stories. Every person and their dog carries a device with them with video recording capabilities and you can find proof of actual occurrences on the internet these days.

Again, there are very few legitimate encounters because it just about never really happens and if it does, what do you think the chances are the chick is going to let you record it.

There are tons of fantasy scenes about it though and honestly, those are way better than just a substitution. Scenes like the one in picture are simply brilliant and with this up to 77% off Lil Humpers discount link even someone as broke as me can afford to become a member.

She was a very kind old lady

My best friend and I met each other in the block of flats both our families resided at. We were actually in the same class at school but we were never close friends until we moved into the same building where they had already been living and we became best friends.

There was a lady that always used to give us treats. We were very young still, not even teenagers yet and getting cookies and ice cream and such made her our favourite person in the building.

We grew up and became teenagers and she never stopped spoiling us and one day, when we were about 16 years old, she invited us for dessert and while we were eating whatever pudding she had dished up for us she disappeared into her bedroom for a minute or three and came back out wearing only lingerie.

She wasn’t the most attractive of women but we were super horny as teens are and curious to say the least. It’s a secret we keep between us to this very day.

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MILF Hunting Expeditions

This MILF seems particularly impressed at this guy’s skills. While she was hopeful that he would find her pussy she made it quite challenging by disguising its location behind camo shorts. It’s clearly not his first rodeo though and he had no problem locating his prize.

So this is one of the Reality Kings sites as you can see and it is called MILF Hunters. It is one of my favourite site on the entire network and that is a pretty big statement if you consider that they now boast with a more than 50 sites total and all of them are world class. Seriously, bar none.

Even though MILFs are now perhaps arguably in my dating range I have always been a fan of the genre. As a bout there was always a teacher or a friend’s mom I had a crush on and as I have aged I have come to be attracted to this group as my peers.

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Hands On Tuition

Well this is a taboo kind of naughty but damn it’s so hot.

You’d have to throw out the window completely any thought or notion about your mother and your sister with your sister’s boyfriend because that should just put you off instantly but luckily that doesn’t seem hard at all to do. It really takes very little to immerse yourself into this and if never before then it is crystal clear to me now that we all love the taboo kind of stuff.

Even though for me it is quite simply that it is naughty and that it is hot that has me enthralled by this I can very easily see how it could even have a more significant impact impact if you are perhaps a boyfriend and you have the hots for your girlfriend’s mom too. Banging your girlfriend as well as her mom all under the guise and excuse to make it acceptable that her mom is just teaching.

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Toss It Like You’re a Monkey

Even though I, like just about everyone else (if not literally everyone else) have my own fetishes and off-vanilla fantasies, getting tossed off by a woman using her feet isn’t one of those. Not only does it not do anything for me sexually but it’s even closer to the opposite end of the scale in that I think it’s quite retarded.

Nothing about it makes sense to me. It is already such a challenge for a woman to give a better handjob than I am able to myself considering that not only do I know the exact instant I want it harder, faster, slower or whatever and she just can’t know that, but also, I have been doing it for many many years and she doesn’t even have a penis.

Sort of rant over though because this site actually has nothing to do with footjobs, it just happens to play out in this scene. As the name suggests, if you excuse the porn guys trying to be clever with the spelling, this site is bout MILFs and there are a whole lot of really hot ones.

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Yummy Mommies Crave Teen Cock

Team Skeet, the champions of teen porn present Bad MILFs, a site laden with the hottest older chicks getting their fuck on with young guys.

I love this site. The whole seduction thing drives me wild and this site has plenty of that. I bet there is not a guy out there who has never had a fantasy of some teacher, a neighbour or perhaps a friend’s mom seducing them.

What I never realised until adulthood and to be fair once I reached a similar age as these MILFs, just how easily one of those fantasies could actually come true. As a youngster you are clueless, if I have to state the obvious and you think that there is absolutely no chance that you might ever get your way with an older woman but I have actually, after meeting a friend’s mom by chance at a pub many years later, heard a confession from her about how she had the hots for me when her husband was away on long business trips and that she was not convinced that if I had ever flirted that she would have been able to keep herself from taking the next step.

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Now This Is What I’m Talking About!

Yes! This is more like it!

I used to be bothered about what people might think about me being turned on by perv’ing out on this Mom/Son and Mom/Daughter porn because really it is so taboo. Apparently however this majority of people share this arousal with me and if it’s the majority then that means that is what’s normal… aaaand that means that the average person is a sick fuck 😀

This genre is exceptionally popular, I never quite realised that until I started searching for a decent one I could become a member of. The tube channels run out of content very quickly and I thought it might actually be worth paying for decent content. Turns out I was right.

After having a quick look at what was available on the site without membership it looked decent enough to me and it certainly didn’t hurt that I could save a bundle with a Perv Mom discount for up to 68% off so I scooped up a monthly membership. Had I known it would be this good I would have grabbed the yearly members package right away.

By the way I also enjoyed this “top 10 GILFs in porn” list in case it tickles your fancy.

Now That’s an Outfit!

I have no idea wtf kind of dress it is that she’s wearing but I think it should be made compulsory attire for all women. With a pair of tits like those how could she ever go wrong with such a choice and I can see that her husband has already given her his full appreciation.

In case you don’t recognise, or don’t know who this is, she is known as Wifey and she is one hell of an impressive lady.

She started up her site in 1998 and she is still going strong. While it is pretty impressive for any pornstar to be active in the industry for 20 years it is a spectacular feat to do so floating yourself, with no backing from any major networks. And just look at her, she’s still smoking hot, I would do her in a heartbeat and that’s an understatement.

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